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Sidewalk Advertising

It's a bird ... it's a plane ...

Wait! You're looking in the wrong direction!

Let's be honest, nobody walks with their eyes facing the skies. These days, busy people are bustling from one corner to another — catching trains, scanning their phones, and waiting for walk lights.

In other words, people's attentions are downward-facing.

There's a grand landscape beneath your consumers' feet, just waiting to be written all over. Of course, not every company can deliver sidewalk graphics that go against the grain, but we can! At GoGORILLA Media, sidewalk chalk advertising is one of our specialties. We transform everyday walkways into spectacular outdoor sidewalk signs that are meant to be seen.

We get attention, and we don't care whose toes we step on in the process. The result is always something worthy of a red carpet — street-marketing style!

We're sure you have a few questions, so we've provided a quick sidewalk-advertising FAQs below.

What Is Sidewalk Advertising?

Sidewalk advertising is where the rubber (or chalk, stencils or paint) meets the road. This is how your consumers will come to be your biggest fan, thanks to a bit of intrigue and excitement.

Sidewalks only offer so much space at a time, which means creative teams have to muster their finest thoughts and put forth their most durable products. After all, thousands of soles will step across the messages emblazoned by sidewalk advertising art, and you certainly don't want your logo to look like it's gone through the ringer. That's just bad form!

It's all about hitting the pavement — literally.

Sidewalk graphics incite curiosity along consumers' main routes, offering interesting messages, logos or captions that later lend themselves to positive lead generation efforts. 

What Types of Sidewalk Advertising Services Does GoGORILLA Media Offer?

You ask. We deliver. That's what we do.


GoGORILLA Media proudly boasts one of the most innovative advertising techniques in the sidewalk advertising industry: WaterStencil. Our patent-pending branding strategy uses high-pressure power washers to emblazon your brand directly into the grime of busy sidewalks, leaving your brand as the clean outcome.

Sidewalk Stencils

One step leads to another. Sidewalk stencils are Hansel and Gretel's cure for the common advertising conundrum. Place an interesting bit here, follow it with a weird bit there. If you do it right, people are sure to follow.

Sidewalk Decals

Our don't-mess-with-me sidewalk decals don't tread lightly. We're here to make an impact for your business, and that's exactly what we do. A single sticker puts the ideas into motion — an entire campaign will lead people right to your doorstep.

It's all about making a big impact within a shoe-sized piece of real estate. We've got you!

Want to make your message explode? Take sidewalk details to a whole new playing field with 3D sidewalk decals.

Why Should You Choose GoGORILLA Media for Your Sidewalk Advertising Campaign?

Ordinary advertising has no place in our world. We're creators. We're innovators. We're deniers of off-the-shelf packaging and re-thinkers of all things amazing.

We're GoGORILLA Media, you're go-to resource for outdoor sidewalk signs.

At GoGORILLA Media, going outside the box is what we live for. We're your sidewalk advertising connoisseurs, catering your brand such that it lands in the path of your consumers — no matter where they're coming from or going.

We invite you to meet our Sidewalk Media team today. Get ready to be excited!