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Dollar Bill Advertising


GoMONEY is an innovative and effective medium that allows you to place your brand right on dollar bills! Since its creation, major brands have made use of GoMONEY to generate immediate buzz, not to mention the countless impressions generated by these campaigns.

GoGORILLA converts your deposit into singles, prints your stickers and affixes one to each bill. All stickering is done in a secured facility, with stickered cash transported via a national armored services carrier.

We will partner with venues to provide each with $1,000 in branded singles. Venues take the branded cash and put it in their registers, distributing your client’s advertising message whenever they make change. This is only the start of the circulation as customers who receive the 1 dollar bills then recirculate them to other venues in the community. GoMONEY stickers feature a special, non abrasive adhesive that makes them non-permanent, leaving no residue. In other words, the stickers do not damage or deface bills in any way.

We will target food trucks, delis, cafes, bodegas, bars, restaurants, convenient stores and other types or stores.
We can print regular one sided stickers, double sided stickers, and peel off stickers each with a unique code.