It’s not enough to put up a billboard anymore. Most advertising and marketing is ignored because people have learned where to expect it. Today, people want an interactive experience for just about anything they see or do. When you want to create a marketing plan to catch your customers’ eye, GoGORILLA Media can do the job for you. Our guerilla marketing techniques are proven to grab consumers’ attention and get them to notice your brand. With GoGORILLA Media in your corner, your marketing efforts are sure to engage with your customers and give them an experience they won’t soon forget.

Here’s a quick outline of our affordable but highly effective methods for grabbing your customers’ attention:

Experiential Marketing

Most traditional forms of marketing are two-dimensional, but we can give your brand added depth by offering your customers a multisensory experience. Whether it’s a food truck, an impromptu acapella singing performance, or a person-to-person interaction with one of our street teams, GoGORILLA Media can make your brand pop in new and exciting ways.

Street Marketing

Tactics like street teams, projections, sidewalk media and other street marketing techniques we use will catch your customers by surprise and get them thinking about your brand — whether they were expecting to or not.

Event Marketing

Our expertise in event planning means you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll create a one-of-a-kind event that will leave your customers breathless and eager for the next one.

Print Marketing

If your print advertising needs. We offer advertising on anything from coffee cups and postcards to outside-the-box printing on dollar bills, and everything in between!

Venue Marketing

We can connect your brand to any environment. From delis to bars, and even out to the ocean shores, trust GoGORILLA to showcase your brand in the most creative way possible.

GoGORILLA Media can create a multifaceted plan for bringing your brand to the forefront. From posters and promotional items to full-scale interactive experiences, we can do it all to boost your brand to new heights.

Traditional marketing typically stands still, and no one notices you if you’re standing still. Get active and get your brand in the game with GoGORILLA Media!