Event Marketing

Do you know what it feels like to run circles around your competition? To have customers clamoring at your front door? To be so incredible at what you do that people can't wait to buy from you?

Our customers do!

We're GoGORILLA Media, and our customers are the best and brightest in their industries. Sure, they may offer similar products and services as other folks, but people know our clients by name for one specific reason — they tout their skills to their audiences in a way that speaks to their people. Our clients don't just offer a brand; they offer an experience.

Some event marketing companies promise everything you want to hear. GoGORILLA Media promises everything you need to hear to usher in a whole new connection to your company.

Let's take a look.


What Is Event Marketing?

Let's start with the basics. Event marketing is an experience-based way of reaching your audience, fueled by innovative strategies. It builds on your brand's reputation while inviting customers to get to know the humans behind the business.

In short, event-based marketing incorporates all the facets that make marketing awesome — such as social media outreach, interactive campaigns and interesting new technologies — while providing a personal touch that lets people become part of the company.

Event marketing tends to revolve around, you know — events. This means humans are at the helm, driving deeper relationships with anyone who shows interest in your business. It's all about creating an environment of goodwill, where people can ask questions and feel comfortable knowing they're in the hands of experts who will take care of them when they choose your business. After all, eye contact and handshakes go a long way in this digitally driven world.

Why Choose GoGORILLA Media for Your Event Marketing Needs?

We're an ambitious bunch. We love face-forward interactions because we live and breathe our clients' needs. We shake hands, make eye contact and tilt our heads in that oh-so-come-hither way that will make your customers come calling.

Engagement is our middle name (not really, because we don't actually have a middle name, but if we did, it would totally be “Engagement”).

When you sign on with an event-based marketing firm, you're putting your trust in the hands of the team that will represent you in real life. "Real life" representation is hard for a lot of companies these days, but we're proud to say that we do it quite well.

What Types of Event Marketing Services Does GoGORILLA Media Offer?

We're so glad you asked! We handle all aspects of an event, including:

•    Organization
•    Staffing
•    Printing of promotional materials
•    Permitting
•    Venue signups
•    Setup
•    Takedown
•    Completion
•    Much more

We're fully aware that in-person events can be a pain in the tail for most companies. Fortunately, you've stumbled upon a team of marketing pros who love to get down and dirty with details. Leave the work to us, but feel free to guide us if you have specific ideas. This is your campaign; we are simply here to ensure your marketing success.
Are you ready to get your venue marketing strategy off the ground? Tomorrow's innovations can be born today if you partner with GoGORILLA Media. Our event marketing firm is filled with branding gurus who get really excited when it's time to make our clients shine.

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