Bright lights and brilliant colors are proven attention-getters in any form. But when this combination of advertising is broadcast across the sides of buildings, everyday architecture becomes show-stopping advertising.

Are you ready to make people pay attention to what you have to say? Allow us to introduce you to guerrilla projection advertising!


What Is Projection Media?

Projection media — also known as projection mapping advertising — places large-scale, captivating ads on the sides of buildings, turning bland walls into instant works of art. It's a grassroots option with an incredible amount of flexibility and awareness. If you're up for being a bit edgy and putting something out there that's sure to get people talking, illuminating the evening with your brand's message is the way to get it done.

This form of advertising is all about the element of surprise, which is why projection media projects are among the favorites of our GoGORILLA Media marketing gurus. When we transform buildings into brand-bolstering digital billboards, we place them in high-traffic areas where plenty of eyes will be unable to avoid your advertisement.

It's impossible for this promotion tactic to go unnoticed, and when accompanied by other experiential elements, your brand will be the buzz for many days to come!

How GoGORILLA Media Puts on Light Projection Advertising Projects

We're a fearless crew of folks, so we don't believe in limits. Our team will help you create a campaign that's perfect for your unique goals. Promoting an event? Launching a new product? Strategizing to up your social media game? Guerrilla projection advertising is the perfect complement for any advertising effort that wants to attract a huge audience. That is the point of advertising after all, right?

Light projection advertising comes in many forms, including:

  • Static images
  • Full-motion videos
  • Live streaming
  • Photo slides

Have something in mind you don't see on this list? Try us! We like to get a little weird when it comes to getting the word out about how awesome our clients are!

What's GoGORILLA Media Got Over Other Projection Media Companies?

Simply put, you won't find another full-service team of experiential marketing experts who love to get down and dirty with their campaigns. We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

Want to make an even bigger impact than your brilliant building billboard can do by itself? Let us help you design a strategy that integrates interactivity to make sure your audience has a memorable experience with your business. We'll tackle tasks like:

  • Sending our Street Team to meet your customers face to face
  • Integrating SMS triggers to better ensure your audience truly engages with your brand
  • Tying in gamification to get the most attention possible from passers-by
  • Producing awesome product sampling stations so people leave with tangible evidence of their experience
  • Deploying incredible sidewalk advertising that rounds out your campaign from top to bottom
  • Putting video trucks to the pavement, ensuring your projection advertising message is followed up at a street level

GoGORILLA Media is your place for incredible sky projection advertising. We're a team of out-of-the-box creative minds bringing a brilliance to nighttime cityscapes like nobody else! Reach out to us when you're ready to create unforgettable impressions on your audience!