Mobile Billboard Advertising


Can your messages move your audience? You better hope so or your marketing efforts are going to fall flat pretty quickly, right?

Did you know your messages can move with your audience, too?

That's the key. Your customers are hardly folks who are sitting around, just waiting for you to pop into their living rooms and tell them how amazing you are. They're out and about, bustling along busy streets and buying into companies that cater to their needs.

In other words, if you're not making use of highly visible public spaces, your competitors are the ones getting right into your consumers' faces.

Don't jump into traffic just yet! Put GoGORILLA Media behind the wheel of your next campaign! Our moving billboard advertising is intended to make your brand-building crusades hit the ground running.

What Is Mobile Billboard Advertising?

At GoGORILLA Media, we use mobile billboard advertising to literally put your messages directly in front of people. We employ the use of video trucks (and our highly skilled team of creative brains) to showcase your company. Our video trucks are meant to be seen. Each mobile digital billboard truck uses two to three large LED screens, which enable us to make a massive impression on densely populated urban markets.

The bright, large, robust vehicles are perfect for use in major cities or where big events are taking place.

How GoGORILLA Media Does Mobile Advertising

We're the type of people who like to test our boundaries and get really loud about how awesome our clients are. With mobile digital billboard advertising, we'll set the wheels in motion and create buzz about your brand by:

  • Being unapologetically obvious. We're there to make a statement, and our large-and-in-charge mobile video screens have no qualms about turning heads.
  • Following your followers. Our video trucks go wherever your audience beckons. We can hang out right here in NYC or take your campaign across time zones. We all have a little road warrior within us.
  • Flexing our versatility. Our billboard truck advertising will readily display any sort of image you bring to the table, including photos or videos.

That's not all! When you choose GoGORILLA Media as your mobile billboard company, you have options. We'll plan a route for your mobile marketing campaign that takes your truck directly through some of the most trafficked areas in town so every car on the road gets a glimpse at your LED screens. Or, we can put your truck in a parking lot where pedestrians are sure to see it.

To up the ante on your see-and-be-seen approach, we'd recommend a little of both. Our team is happy to help you devise a big-picture campaign that checks all your boxes.

GoGORILLA Media's Menu of Mobile Advertising Services

Every digital advertising truck company brings something to the table. We like to bring something to the street, as well. From static mobile van advertising to super sexy, brilliantly lit LED videos, our four-wheeled campaigns cover serious ground.

In addition to our moving billboard advertising, we offer:

  • Gorgeous GoMODELS to spice up your campaign with selfie-worthy photo ops
  • A sweet crew of street team specialists who understand how to engage your audience in fun, face-to-face interactions
  • The constant need to make people look at us. Trust us, it's all in your brand's best interest

GoGORILLA Media is incredibly great at mobile truck advertising. Think we're tooting our own horn? Of course we are! That's part of the job! Touch base with our team to learn how we've redefined pounding the pavement.